Happened in Argentina in the year 2000


The Second Call Ministries reports a remarkable story about a gipsy girl in Argentina who was raised from the dead, but died again. "This Gipsy girl was saved some months ago and in a few weeks she got sick and died. Before she died she was giving testimony of her conversion to her family and friends and others in the Gipsy community. You know that the Gipsy community live together as a group, mostly separated from the rest of society. This girl had a hard time with them because they could not accept that she 'despised' their religion and converted to another religion. The fact is that she died. She was just 12 years old. These people were having the funeral in their manner, with the casket open for all to see and people staying all night around it. People would come and say their condoleances to the family, and say goodbye to the dead person. In the middle of the night the girl suddenly sat on her casket, alive! Great was the joy of these Gipsy people so they began to jump and dance and to immediately dismantle the funeral setup. The girl said to them "Do not dismantle anything. Jesus told me to come back only to tell you that He loves you and that you have to accept Him if you want to be saved. That is the only reason I am here. At 10:00 AM Jesus will come back for me, so leave everything just setup so you can continue with the funeral." At 10:00 AM she died again! As a result the Gipsy community is in some kind of spiritual turmoil and they are being saved in bundles!" 


From: The Second Call Ministries: revival@the2ndcall.org